Projects and Events

Cultural Shows and Competitions

New Tang Dynasty Television takes its name from China’s Tang Dynasty (618–907 C.E.), often referred to as China’s “Golden Age.” For many, Tang culture symbolizes the height and pride of 5,000 years of civilization; the Tang was a culturally diverse and prosperous era that witnessed a flourishing of the arts, with achievements in poetry, architecture, and other fields yet unmatched. New Tang Dynasty Television seeks to rekindle the lofty ideals of Tang times, fostering renewed appreciation and achievement in the traditional arts of China. Many such arts remain impoverished at present after decades under communist rule.

In 2004, NTD launched what has since become an annual Chinese New Year cultural show. Its first incarnation of the show, the Chinese New Year Global Gala, played to a live audience of 10,000 in five cities. By early 2007, the show, now called the “Shen Yun Chinese Spectacular,” had grown tremendously, paralleling NTD’s growing presence around the world. That year the show played to audiences totaling more than 200,000 in 32 cities worldwide, gracing the stages of some of the world’s greatest theaters, including New York’s Radio City Music Hall and Le Palais des Congrès in Paris. A second show, “Holiday Wonders,” began in New York in 2006 and has since played in December to sell-out crowds at New York’s Beacon Theatre. In 2007, NTD launched yet another initiative to support traditional Chinese performing arts: The International Classical Chinese Dance Competition. A resounding success, the event spurred NTD to conceive a series of similar events. International competitions in Chinese singing, martial arts, poetry, and cooking are now under way.

Educational Outreach Program

As China becomes increasingly visible on the international stage, NTD recognizes that the educational system in the U.S. and other Western countries needs to begin educating the next generation so that it may better understand Chinese culture, language, and society. NTD thus initiated an Educational Outreach Program in January 2006. The program is designed to help fulfill the needs of school curricula at various levels and spanning various areas, such as social studies, fine arts, and foreign language. The Outreach Program helps schools bring students to see NTD’s wintertime music and dance shows, like Holiday Wonders; few students would otherwise have the opportunity to experience such a rich and dynamic culture up close. The program has also developed course material on Chinese culture, art, and history, and helps teachers to integrate such topics into their curricula before and after the shows.

Premier Music & Video

In 2006 NTD launched Premier Music & Video, Inc. The company specializes in production and distribution services for CDs, DVDs, books, and related products, including DVDs of NTD’s popular “Hello, How Are You?” English instruction program and its Chinese New Year Spectacular.

Premier Inc. also offers multi-tiered marketing services, from market research to product positioning. It targets consumers primarily in Chinese communities in the United States and in Asian countries.

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