Video: Chinese Soldier Almost Kills Himself With Grenade, Saved by Instructor

A video has been circulating on Youku, a Chinese video sharing site similar to YouTube, and has been viewed over 1 million times. The video shows a trainee PLA soldier being instructed in the art of hand-grenade throwing, yet the trainee still hasn’t quite mastered the technique. He manages to throw the grenade only a few feet away from him and his instructor. When he tries to take cover, he lies down in close proximity to the impending explosion. Luckily the trainee is saved by his instructor who pulls him to safety in a ditch a split second before the grenade detonates.

Video on Youku:
May be removed by censors

Copy on YouTube:

Translations of Comments from Youku:

“That instructor is impressive, pay attention at 00:26 secs, the instructor forcefully pulls him down and saves his life.”

“Students at military universities are all attracted by the high tech weapons. What soldiers now have the strength of those in the past? They are all university soldiers! They hold pens!”

“The trainee soldier lay on his belly perfectly, I laugh every time (I watch it).”

“Reason for the accident: the trainee was nervous, he feared the grenade would detonate early, under this nervous situation his grip loosened, which affected the direction and strength of his throw.”

“When he goes back (to barracks) he will definitely be kicked in the butt!”

“This isn’t about technique, it is about intelligence. If it was a real war, how many comrades would have died in his hands? I suspect he is a spy sent by the enemy.”


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