Netizens Blog About Corruption

Over the past week several Chinese websites have sprung up, allowing web users to report instances of bribing officials, as well as offering general discussion on the issue of corruption in China.

The sites are reportedly inspired by the Indian website,

Here is a selection from, one of the Chinese sites. Some users report individual cases such as this instance in a detention center in Cangzhou:


“I went to Cangzhou’s Dongguan detention center to see my younger brother, the guard would not phone the detention center chief, but kept hinting that I should give him money. As a result I gave him some money and he then sent in the cigarettes [I brought for the chief] and called the chief. Bribe: 100 kuai, 160 cigarrettes.”

Other bloggers lament about the state of the nation:

“I am between 30 and 40 years old, I have served the [Chinese] Communist Party for 15 years. When I was at university, joining the party was the mark of a good student, thus in my second year of university I joined the Party. Because of this I was happy for a period of time. However there is one point one can be sure of, joining the Party, for the vast majority of people, is only a kind of mark of honor, but not a real belief, this includes myself. The mark of a good student, you get priority for awards, the salary when you look for a job, etc. It goes without saying that there are advantages.

Although after being brain washed, many things seem muddled, for me, after the passage of time, my attitude towards corruption has been changing. I went from feeling angered at injustice, to being numb and heartless, and then finally reached a conclusion of ‘Oppose the corrupt, dead [Communist] Party, and don’t oppose the corruption of a dead country.’”

Recently I have opened a small business, and it has been difficult to support myself. One can only get a taste of what it is like after having experienced it themselves. The hardest part is, that from visiting clients to getting to know various levels of officials, one must always pave the road with Guanxi [A common Chinese term literally meaning “relationship,” in this context it means using one’s personal relationship with officials to get benefits out of them], for example giving them a present in advance and only then can one achieve one’s aim. From this I lament: China’s corruption is not only the corruption of the ruling class, but is a corruption that pervades throughout the entire society. To put it another way: today we are here discussing how we detest corruption, but it is hard to guarantee that if tomorrow we were sitting in the seat of government we could shout out loud that we are not corrupt. This is what is most frightening.

After all, the origin of this is that everyone is corrupt, and there is a lack of religious belief among people. I have personally travelled to several places that could be said to be corrupt, they exist in the various corners of the globe, but there they have one characteristic, is everyone paying attention? Places where people have religious or philosophical beliefs, the degree of corruption is comparatively low. For example the United States, Great Britain, Japan, and New Zealand etc… and in places where people don’t have religious or philosophical beliefs the degree of corruption is high. For example Africa and China.

It is reasonable to say that China, which has existed for 5000 years and has encompassed 8000 li [Chinese Miles] is one of the four great ancient civilizations. For the last 2000 years China has been governed by the theories of Confucius and Lao Zi. But after 10 years of catastrophes [most likely referring to the Cultural Revolution 1966-76, a Communist movement that destroyed traditional beliefs and values], people’s foundation has been shaken. They have discarded the ancient teachings of propriety and justice. At the same time, the “mighty” Communism, because it is unattainable, has just become a slogan of those in power and a laughing stock of the people. That is also to say, the old beliefs have been broken, and because the new beliefs are unreliable and hard to establish, they can only lead people to a kind of perplexed, delirious state. No matter whether it is from the lowest grass roots level or the most incorruptible level of handling public affairs, to the governing class of this “harmonious society,” they are all breeding this practical attitude. From buying a main department position for 10 million yuan or an auxiliary department position for 8 million yuan or getting to know someone, and in order to ask them to help you handle something you must first take them out to dinner or give them some cigars as a present, etc. These kinds of unverifiable stories are examples of how the whole of society has decayed.

I have said too much in an un-ordered way. I will return to make one point: opposing corruption in China, what one must oppose isn’t just corruption at the official level or middle levels, actually what is important is, one should really oppose the little bit of corruption and lack of faith in one’s heart. Only that will bring it permanently under control.”

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