People in China are angry after a news video showed caretakers at an old folks’ home abusing the elderly

A summary from Shanghaiist:

An investigative report by Henan Television uncovering the abuse at an old folks home in Zhengzhou has shocked people in the provincial capital and sparked a nationwide outrage.

It all began when a taxi driver surnamed Wang decided to park himself one morning at 3.30am outside the Changleyuan Old Folks Home to catch a few winks. What sounded like the cries of an old man wafting from the convalescent home startled Wang… So the next morning, and for many early mornings afterwards, Wang decided to come back to the same spot.

He discovered that each morning, at around 4am, a male nurse would turn on the lights, enter the rooms of some of the old folks, and physically abuse them. The loud cries of one old man begging the nurse to stop led Wang to tip off Henan TV’s City Channel, which then sent a crew to film the nightly goings-on undercover.

To complete the investigation, the Henan TV journalist visited the home in the day, pretending to have parents that he wanted to have placed in the home. He was told by a woman of the “excellent service” provided by the home, and shown pictures of smiling, happy elderly folk. When asked why some of the old folk were bound in bed, the woman replied that only the temperamental, impossible ones were tied up, and that the way they were tied up ensured no physical harm was inflicted.

Henan TV’s City Channel report from

We have translated what some netizens are saying:

One needs to have connections in order to get the elderly parent into a public nursing home. Those who are in the nursing homes must have connections with Chinese party officials. Private nursing homes usually ask for an astronomical fee. In other words, if you don’t have money, don’t come here.

讓子彈飛向敵人 –
There are cruel and heartless caretakers in every nursing home. That’s a fact. Cruel caretakers are terrible, but the environment that nurtures these caretakers is even more terrible.


It happens at our local nursing home too. My elderly mother was admitted to a public nursing home—with some help of course. She is incontinent and always wet her pants. The staff washed her warm pants and hid it. So later my mother caught a cold and I had to question them to get the pants back. They also locked my mother in her room and my mother jumped out of the window to escape and she broke her leg.

中 國人歷來講究“尊老愛幼”的傳統,希望達到一種“老吾老以及人之老,幼吾幼以及人之幼”的理想狀態。我們不去討論該不該把老人送進養老院這個老話題,單就 是送進去了,老人就應該在裏面安享晚年。不要求多麼高的幸福指數,但起碼的生活及情感需要還是應該滿足的。
此則消息著實讓人毛骨悚然,養老院裏的老人怎 麼會受到如此“待遇”?當然護工肯定是冷血殘忍。但我們更應該認真思考這殘忍行為的背後有著怎麼的支撐環境。
Traditionally, Chinese people always respect the elderly and “care for the young.” Let’s not discuss whether we should send our elderly parents to the nursing home. Once older people are in the nursing home, they should enjoy their lives. We don’t expect them to be blissfully happy, but at least they should have their minimal needs taken cared of.
This message gives me goose bumps that the elderly in a nursing home are treated like this. Of course, the caretaker is definitely cruel and heartless. However, we should seriously think about the kind of environment behind it that supports this kind of incidents.

The social environment that breeds this kind of cruel heartless caretakers may be:
1.    Insufficient funding from the community and the Chinese regime.
2.    Lack of professional training.
3.    Low salary for caretakers.
4.    Hard work and exhausting physical work.
In any case, brutal behavior is no doubt a heinous criminal act.

I am very angry. Isn’t there a monitoring system for this? No wonder so many old folks are so afraid of nursing homes.

The ‘real hell on earth’ is in the nursing homes, orphanages, psychiatric hospitals, prisons, and detention centers all over China.

chennadoudou :
More and more people are getting older in China. China has to improve its protection of the elderly, and set up more organizations for them. Meanwhile, it has to strengthen its support for families to take care of their elderly.

These care workers are heartless, but we should investigate the system of nursing homes in China.



地球真是一个危险的地方 看守所 疯人院 幼儿园 高校 养老院~下一个危险的地方是哪里?

It is very sad ~
This earth is really an unsafe place. Now it is the detention centers, psychiatric wards, kindergartens, and nursing homes. What is the next place? Old men are helpless, old men are helpless ~


One cannot get into a public nursing home; one cannot afford to get into a private nursing home either. And, that’s a social reality.


我有次在 第三福利医院 看见 有护工叫老人学狗叫 才肯退他进房间 万恶啊
In the Third Welfare Hospital, I once saw a caretaker make an old man bark like a dog before he agreed to wheel him into the room. It was such an evil thing to do!


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