Two Female “Urban Management” Officers Fight–Netizens Find Angry, Sarcastic Relief

Summary from China Hush:

“城管Chengguan” (Urban management officer) is officer who is in charge of enforcement of urban management of the city… Yet for some reasons, chengguans perceived as gang members with badges are mostly associated with city appearance bylaws alone and the public seems to have a rather negative opinion towards them: confiscating poor street vendors’ goods, violent treatment to the street vendors, etc. The clashes between common people and chengguan constantly happen and some of these clashes are deadly.

Yesterday in Chong Qing province, two female Chengguans fought each other in the street and has attracted quite a crowd at the scene… Later the photos of the fight was posted online and become viral.

Alone in one post in, more than 30 thousand netizens have commented.


“This is only a drill…for their later fight with the street vendors.”


They’re competing for the job position, easy everybody…”

网易吉林省长春市网友 ip:125.32.*.* 2011-05-11 09:11:42 发表

“They fight because they didn’t split up the dirty money fairly?”

Quite a scene in Chong Qing province: Two female Chengguans fight in the street. Other male Chengguans try to separate them. (

Here are some more comments from

北京市网友05-11 20:18 发表


 “What do you people know? These are our ‘public servants’ doing practical training, so that they can better serve us!”

河南省郑州市网友05-12 09:48 发表


 “Looking at these law enforcers, can you believe that they won’t extend their fists to street vendors?”

山东省烟台市网友05-11 10:25 发表


 “They’re really deemed themselves worthy of their uniforms!!! Hahaha.”

广西南宁市网友05-11 11:08 发表


 “Great to watch, much more interesting than Chengguang beating up street vendors!!!”

山东省荷泽市网友05-11 13:16 发表


 “Law enforcement units are all like this, they fight in the public and behind the scene.”

四川省南充市网友05-11 17:20 发表


 “Chengguans are a pack of scums, I don’t know which scum established this scum unit in China that’s worse than bandits! This is the sorrow of Chinese people!!!!!!”

北京市网友05-11 18:19 发表


 “Chengguangs have the worst mannerisms, they should’ve been disbanded long ago.”

山西省太原市网友05-11 19:42 发表


 “Related department has issued a notice, saying this is a drill to improve Chengguan’s combat skills. Everyone remain clam!”

广东省深圳市网友05-11 22:15 发表


 “Gangster law enforcement team, hehehe!”

黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友05-11 22:36 发表


 “A waste of taxpayer’s money!”



 “This is very normal, when you wear this uniform you need to beat people up.”


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