Chinese Driver Stabs Accident Victim 8 Times – Citizens Reflect on Morality in China

Summary from Yahoo:

In recent months the Chinese public has been shocked by multiple cases of drivers killing accident victims in hopes of evading legal responsibilities.

 The most famous incident happened in October last year, when 21-year-old music student Yao Jiaxin hit a cyclist while driving in the northwestern city of Xi’an. After he noticed the cyclist was trying to memorize the license plate number of his car, Yao returned and stabbed her to death. While on trial for murder, Yao said he killed the woman, 26-year-old Zhang Miao, because she looked like a peasant and he feared she would hound him for compensation. Last month the Intermediate People’s Court of Xi’an sentenced Yao to death.

 In December a truck driver who collided with a beggar in the southwestern city of Chongqing ran over her repeatedly in an attempt to avoid legal trouble. The driver, 21-year-old Tian Houbo, said he thought no one would notice the death of a beggar. And on Saturday, a driver in the southeastern city of Fuzhou who collided with a six-year-old girl ran over her a second time according to reports. She was later pronounced dead.

China is a massive country, and it’s unlikely this handful of cases represent any sort of large-scale trend. But they have prompted national concern about the state of morality and values in China. These cases also speak of China’s yawning class divide, with wealthier citizens in cars assaulting poorer people on bikes and foot. Rather than represent a new phenomenon, it is likely that the prominence of the Yao Jiaxin case has elevated the profile of similar incidents elsewhere.

NTD News story from April 23, 2011


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