“Lovely Rat”? A Chinese Mickey Mouse and Other Knock-offs

Summary from Asian Correspondent:

Shamelessly, China has dubbed itself as “the king of counterfeiters” and the city of Nanjing, east of Shanghai, prides itself on the imminent grand opening of a new shopping centre dedicated to some 58 fake brands of merchandise. These imposters bear strong resemblances to their original inspirations, but are often differentiated by an intentionally mis-spelled letter or two.

Some of the brand impostors featured at this mall include: a McDonalds look-a-like burger bar called McDnoald’s, a Starbucks-style coffee shop called Bucksstar Coffee, Panosaonic electronic products, Gillehe shaving supplies, Pmua sneakers, Adadas sportswear, and a wannabe Pizza Hut called Pizza Huh.

Here are some examples:

Mickey Mouse

(brunoporto / Flickr)

(Wm Jas / Flickr)


(MFinChina / Flickr)

Can you spot the fake? (Jim Rees / Flickr)

“PenesamiG” batteries (oopsilon / Flickr)


(appleblum04 / Flickr)

double-arch oMc-McDnoald’s  (mirror.co.uk)



MFC, FBC, KLC, you name it (Wm jas / Flickr)


Bucksstar coffee (mirror.co.uk)

Almost a “Starbucks Lady” (peruisay / Flickr)


(Wm Jas / Flickr)


“Nike” with a twist (brunoporto / Flickr)

That’s how they do At (Wm jas / Flickr)

Nibbi (ack-online.de / Flickr)

(meckleychina / Flickr)


(brunoporto / Flickr)
They Have T shirts too (Chinese Copies / Flickr)
Daiads – Nothing is Impossible (staalnakke / Flickr)

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